Frequently Asked Questions

What Are CandyPipes?

Answer: CandyPipes are a unique and technologically advanced Thermodynamic smoking device system that comes in various iterations.

What Types Of CandyPipes are there?


Type 1:

Pocket Solid CandyPipes are designed with an internal Venturi Tube that creates an inner channel inside a full Natural Real Candy body and mouth tip. Each Pocket Solid CandyPipe comes with a brass smoking bulb that is designed from an actual .38 bullet casing.

Type 2:

Pocket Liquor/Liquid CandyPipes with Natural Real Candy mouth tip filter and internal Venturi Tube smoke channel and mixing chamber. This Thermodynamic design allows liquid to mix inside a special mixing chamber before passing through the Natural Real Candy Venturi Tube channel. This allows the smoke to mix thoroughly with whatever liquid you choose, smoking ingredient and with Candy molecules creating a unique blend of cool smoke and flavors. Each inhale will provide a varied experience depending on your choice of liquids, smoking ingredients and Candy Mouth Tip Filters. We encourage experimentation of different combinations.

Type 3:

Hi Volume Solid Candy Pipe System allows specially designed solid CandyPipes to insert into a large volume smoking bulb made of Brass and Aluminum. For smokers that like longer smoking sessions, the large volume smoking bulb will bring all the advantages of the CandyPipes system to every smoking session.

Type 4:

Hi Volume Liquor/Liquid CandyPipes System provides a high volume liquid container and atomizer. This unique CandyPipes system allows the user to mix controlled amounts of Liquor/liquid into the smoke emanating from the smoking bulb and just as it enters the mixing/blending chamber. Upon thorough mixing of the liquid/liquor and smoke the blended air is channeled through a Venturi Tube that then pulls Real Candy Flavors from the walls of the Natural Real CandyPipes Mouth Tip. The myriad of potential flavored smoke available for inhaling is wholly controlled by the user.

What comes in each CandyPipes product box?

Answer: Each CandyPipes product comes in three Natural Real Candy Flavors. Just pick the Candy flavor set you would like before adding the product to the shopping cart.

Can I choose what graphics the product wrap comes with?

Answer: Yes! Each CandyPipes comes with a standard wrap. But you can choose to customize your CandyPipe by simply choosing the customization CandyPipe version of your choice. (Different product type available in “all products” section of the menu) And if you what to customize the wrap you can. You can add your own graphics and upload them. We will print them and apply them to your chosen CandyPipe. (Wrap print size is 4×4 inches. You must have the right to use any image you upload to our website.)

What is your return policy?

Answer: It’s real simple. We guarantee our products 100%. No hassle, no fuss. Try the CandyPipe and then send send us back the unused portion and unopened other two Candy tips or pipes. So you’ll try one and if you do not think it is the greatest then send the others back. (you have to pay for return shipping). You must also assure the packaging is in re-salable condition. So basically try one on us and don’t be mean or unfair to us. We will gladly refund your full purchase price.

How many CandyPipe tips are included with each purchase?

Answer: You get three CandyPipe tips with CandyPipe order. You choose a CandyPipe tip set for each Hi Volume or Pocket Liquor CandyPipe and/or three individual Hi Volume or Pocket Solid CandyPipe tip bodies. You receive one Hi Volume Smoking Bulb.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All CandyPipe candy is made fresh to order. This requires at least 72 hours to complete assembly and packaging of your CandyPipe. Once you receive your CandyPipe the actual Candy will stay fresh for up to nine months.

Can I get the CandyPipe with no wrap?

Yes! Just place a note on your order and will not place a wrap on the CandyPipe. You can also remove the wrap yourself. Additionally, you can upload your own wrap and we will print and apply it to your CandyPipe.

Are CandyPipes safe to use?

Yes! CandyPipes have been tested and as long as used properly and as designed you can use your CandyPipe safely. They are simply a candy based smoking device.

Why do you state that CandyPipes are meant to be a souvenir?

All CandyPipes are categorized as a souvenir and candy product. We do not condone the illegal use of our products and we do not intend these products for any person under the age of twenty one. If you purchase our products you must adhere to your local, State and Federal laws. Or laws governing your country’s use of similar products.

I received a coupon that promised $100 for buying your products.

All coupons are on a first come first received bases. If you are one of the first 1000 customers to buy a CandyPipe you will receive $100 in the form of a refund through PayPal or other payment method. After the first 1000 customers are identified holders of the introductory coupon campaign will receive a 10 percent discount upon purchase.